NOTICE: Indiana Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) is issuing Etelcare Home Services Unlimited, Inc. funding to support our direct service workforce. We plan to use the funding in the following two ways to invest in our Direct Service Workers (DSW’s):

1. One-time bonuses: To provide immediate support to our workforce, we plan to issue bonuses to DSWs. We will dedicate 63% of the distributable grant amount towards this activity. We will issue the bonus during each quarter the grant is received. Employees can expect to receive the funding through their ADP paycheck.

2. Hourly Wage Increase: As a part of our long-term strategy, we will be increasing hourly wages. We will dedicate 37% of the distributable grant amount towards this activity. The hourly wage increase will be issued based on Seniority with equity-adjustments.

In all, at least 95% of grant funds we receive will be directly distributed to our DSW’s. Each quarterly allocation received will be spent prior to the end of the quarter in which it is received. Please reach out to Renee Korb, CFO, with any question regarding how the funds will be spent